Welcome to myPASS (My Paper Appointment Scheduling System)! Our team of writing instructional specialists is here to assist Walden students in building their academic writing skills by providing online, asynchronous feedback in paper reviews. See our website information on the paper review service, how to make appointments, and what to expect from your appointment.  


News and Announcements 


Use the Undergraduate Schedule if you are pursuing a bachelor’s degree or submitting a draft for an undergraduate course.

Use the Master’s Schedule if you are pursuing a master’s degree or submitting a draft for a master’s-level or graduate certificate course.

Use the Doctoral Schedule for any doctoral coursework or drafts of the premise or prospectus as well as for post-doctoral certificate coursework.



How do I log in? 

Your myPASS information is not linked to your Walden Student Portal. To get started, register for an account.

If you have password trouble, e-mail us at

Where do I meet the instructor? 

Appointments are asynchronous and do not involve a phone call or live communication.  

What time is my appointment?

Appointments are not associated to a particular time. You only need to consider the date, not the time, of the appointment.

When do I submit my paper?

The deadline for attaching a paper is 5 a.m. EST the date of the appointment for appointments reserved in advance, or at the same time as making an appointment for the current day. 

When will my review be ready? 

You will receive an e-mail the day of your appointment or the day after when your review is ready. 

Why was my appointment canceled?

By reserving an appointment, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the paper review policies. Appointments that do not follow policies may be canceled. 

Contact us at with any additional questions. We respond within 24 hours.


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